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Bruxo Made in Mexico


Prononces Broo-Hoh, is a virtuous craftmanship, made-in-Mexico, sipped pure or in a cocktail.

Mezcal is made from aged Maguey, (the technical term for the agave)













Bruxo is an alternative for any occasion. A merging affinity with growing enthusiasts.

A present-day crafted spirit.

A reference to the health concious.

Socially Responsible. A shared wisdom, made in real places by real people.


We come together from distinct social, cultural backgrounds around the world.

We stay true to our values ​​and we move boldly into tomorrow.

Striving for Sustainability

Today we work with 11 Mezcal Masters, Generating better living and working conditions.

We use only pure maguey and we plan to Become 100% sustainable in 3 years.








Each Premium bruxo has a life of its own. One is more or less complex than the next Depending on cultivation and processing. The wisdom is the art of roasting the maguey without them burning.

Today’s bruxo Recipe


30 ml of bruxo No.1


15ml of green lemon,

a dash of Natural syrup and tonic water.

Put all the ingredients in a glass, macerate, shake and serve in a balloon glass, op off with tonic water. Decorate with a slice of ginger and a sprig of rosemary.




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