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Anna Charlotte in the British COVER magazine

Det brittiska magazinet COVER publicerar just nu en stor artikel om min senaste kollektion Aurora Borealis, som också är ett konstprojekt i samarbete med fotografen och filmaren Richard von Hofsten. Cover magazine är den största tidningen i världen som skriver om högkvalitets textil och mattor som är aktuella på marknaden just nu, så vill man veta mer om vad som pågår i mattvärlden så läser man COVER.

The British magazine COVER publish a big article right now about my latest collection Aurora Borealis, which is also an art project in collaboration with the photographer and filmmaker Richard von Hofsten. Cover Magazine is the largest magazine in the world reporting about the high quality textile and carpets on the market right now, so if you want to know more about what goes on in the carpet world you read COVER.




Swedish textile artist Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten’s ‘Aurora Borealis’
exhibition at 54 The Gallery in London’s Mayfair at the end of last year (13-17 December) featured
rug designs by Anna Charlotte
and photographs by Richard von Hofsten. Their project to create ‘iconic portraiture of the shifting of the Scandinavian seasons’ began a while ago and finally came to fruition in 2016 with two exhibitions in Stockholm (31 October-4 November 2016) and the British capital.
The project is about nature and about living harmoniously with it. The rug designs correspond to
the four seasons, with appropriate colours taken from nature: deep blues for spring, bright yellows and greens for summer, rusty orange for autumn and winter is represented by two rugs in white and a cool dark blue. The flatweave and pile designs were all handwoven in India. As
this is a project about nature and harmony, Anna Charlotte is keen to point out that the rugs are organic.
Richard von Hofsten’s four theatrical photographs of traditionally dressed figures in nature are meant to sit alongside the rugs, and they offer the viewer corresponding colour palettes to Anna Charlotte’s designs. The winter photo is particularly magical and dramatic as the sky features the Aurora Borealis. Anna Charlotte makes the comment: ‘In the darkest times, let there be light.’ LU


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