Bring the nature indoors

Summer time is when I check out the wilderness

Efter 1 månads vistelse i skogen vid havet bland blåbärsris, hjortronmyrar och vilda djur har jag samlat kraft uppe i midnattssolens land.
Känner mig både tacksam och utvilad till kropp och själ,, lite arbete har det dock hunnit bli, när jag med små små steg inlett ett nytt konstprojekt.

Delar några klipp från mitt album

After one month’s stay in the forest by the sea, among the blueberries, cloudberry fields and wild animals I gathered power from the land of the midnight sun.

I feel grateful for the feeling of my rested body and soul but already a little work on my next new art project has begun, I was able to take some small steps towards the concept of the new work.

Sharing some clips from my album


Anna Charlotte

Blissful nature colours

The name is power berrys, they are blue and orange,.

The work has begun in my outdoor studio,..

Anna Charlotte is a Swedish textile artist with more than 25 years experience in the textile world. She is based with her Atelier in Stockholm & Paris. Her great interest in Eastern wisdom philosophy attracted her to the Indian medicine Ayurveda which she studied and obtained a degree in. This combined her overall thoughts and philosophy of life which she now teaches and lectures about, everything under its own composition called the language of colors, Word of Color.

Contact: [email protected]


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