Bring the nature indoors

Living with Ayurveda

 The physical body in a spatial experience When I create interiors and give advise on this topic to clients I always approach it from an holistic platform. Surface is part of the spatial experience but there is far more connected in order to add to an environment. Authenticity and truth definitely play an important role here, materials that are being described as sustainable, are truly durable and not just words that hover beautifully over an image.

Inviting nature ”Bring the nature indoors” – I see as a symbolic act, to regain contact with nature within ourselves. Because our outer room is a direct reflection of our inner space, I see the opportunity to create a balance between these two through our five senses to give the right nutrition.

Photo: Anne Nyblaeus

Some of the important steps in a holistic lifestyle plan

Balance our senses The world of senses is an important part of the creation of living environments and workplaces, we navigate through life by our senses, and it is through our senses that we are affected on a much deeper level.

Colours Using colour more consciously creates balance and brings healing properties to a location and environment.

Photo: Anne Nyblaeus

Food is about routine and balancing our dosha – constitution. – not to cut corners because we eat with all our senses.

Good night Sleep Ayurveda offers a simple and practical approach to balancing sleep rhythm.We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important details for achieving optimal health. Sleep is a natural process for both body and soul and the quality of sleep is carefully regulated by our bodies – rest – recovery – detoxification and rejuvenation.

Photo: Richard von Hofsten

Meditation To begin meditation requires patience and you can start with small steps, the purpose of meditation is to let the flow of thinking release to achieve a gap, inner silence and a deeper state of rest.

Holistic interiors and daily routines go hand in hand.

Anna Charlotte is a Swedish textile artist with more than 25 years experience in the textile world. She is based with her Atelier in Stockholm & Paris. Her great interest in Eastern wisdom philosophy attracted her to the Indian medicine Ayurveda which she studied and obtained a degree in as Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. This combined her overall thoughts and philosophy of life which she now teaches and lectures about, everything under its own composition called the language of colors, The Word of Colors.

Contact: [email protected]


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