Bring the nature indoors

Nature is the source to all knowledge

This is a quote that I have chosen under my profile on FB.

What I want to remind myself and my followers is that – nature is the truth – certainly you can get lost even there but if you listen really carefully, it whispers lovingly and guides us correctly. ”know thyself” – said the oracle in Delphi – it is an art and a great challenge.

I often encounter disorientation in people today, and of course I myself have periodically felt lost.

I write and consult on holistic lifestyle and healthy living spaces. These are important anchors in our existence and directly related to how we perceive today and how we will perceive tomorrow. Our living spaces tell how we currently live and relate to our environment, what characterises us and how we choose to identify ourselves. But, where does our perspective come from, who created it, where is the source? 

Regardless of where we are characterised and what we want to present, we can agree with the greatest certainty that everything is perishable and nothing stays. In the Upanishads – the philosophical texts of the Veda, man’s attitude to life is rewritten and interpreted. There you will find a quote on how we choose to interact and experience the weave of life that we ourselves have woven.

Being able to create is a divine and natural power – finding its source however, I see as one of our greatest challenges.


Anna Charlotte


We are like the spider we weave our life. And then move along in it.

We are like the dreamer, who dreams and then lives in the dream.

This is true for the entire universe.

– The Upanishades

Anna Charlotte is a Swedish textile artist with more than 25 years experience in the textile world. She is based with her Atelier in Stockholm & Paris. Her great interest in Eastern wisdom philosophy attracted her to the Indian medicine Ayurveda which she studied and obtained a degree in as Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. This combined her overall thoughts and philosophy of life which she now teaches and lectures about, everything under its own composition called the language of colors, The Word of Colors©

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