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I often work with colours and materials for items to be placed in a person’s home. My inherent knowledge is my power used as a basic tool to enable me to balance and reflect a dwelling’s natural intrinsic essence.

Colours can play a big part in the health of our physical bodies as well as our spiritual essence I am sure that many times you might have found yourself in a place where the colour appeal certain emotions within you.

Using ayurvedic colour therapy in interior design is about balancing colours, using natural sunlight combined with colours, and using semi precious stones to harmonize living spaces and improve the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the inhabitants.

According to ayurveda, colours and coloured light can improve our state of mind and has many health benefits as well. Modern psychology also has recognized the psychological effects of colour on us.

Colour is an important, yet sometimes underestimated facet of our lives. Colour has the power to completely change our level of happiness, our mood, our appetite, our perception of power and our level of compassion, among many other effects. Interior designers and decorators are well and truly aware of the impact colour can make in the home, from adding some vibrant colours for happiness, or some natural colours for relaxing.

Green blue and white = Sattvic is sanskrit word for Purity, Clarity.

Green is considered Sattvic. It is the color of peace, calm and healing. Green is found abundantly in nature and that is the best place to truly experience its powers.  Blue is another Sattvic color. It has the same calming effect as green. Also found in nature, for a little dose of healing is turn your eyes to the sky.

White is another significant Sattvic color it is often used in meditation, as it is well-known for its calming effects.White signifies enlightenment and also purity of the mind and soul.


Anna Charlotte

Vintage cushion ”LEAF” bespoke design for Smarting Show & Shop /

In my outdoor Studio  – Indigo to dye for

Anna Charlotte is a Swedish textile artist with more than 25 years experience in the textile world. She is based with her Atelier in Stockholm & Paris. Her great interest in Eastern wisdom philosophy attracted her to the Indian medicine Ayurveda which she studied and obtained a degree in as Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. This combined her overall thoughts and philosophy of life which she now teaches and lectures about, everything under its own composition called the language of colors, The Word of Colors©

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