Linnea Axne

Hello Lovelies and Welcome!

I’m so happy to join all the girls here on VAVAWOOM! This blog has been a dream for long and I know I’m late with blogging but hey, who cares?!

This is me, a Swedish girl, 37 years old, living with my amazing girls and husband in Jacksonville, Florida. We are restless types both me and my husband, the last five years we’ve lived in two countries, 3 states, and 5 houses.. My home is where my family is and I love to experience the world together with the people I love the most.

On a Monday like this I take my girls to school and preschool. I go home, talk to you girls, check out Instagram and check out my ”my Monday” and do something good for my sweet customers. my Monday is my baby, it’s my little company where I design (together with my most talented mom) and sell stylish and smart textiles. Now it’s lunch time and I make myself and my husband some eggs and kale or similar, nothing fancy, he works from home so you would think we saw each other all the time but we don’t, he works a lot. After lunch I usually have some errands to run or I do the laundry. Then it’s time to pick up my little pumpkin Bonnie from preschool. On our way back we pick up Stephanie from school and then it’s busy busy with homework, tennis, horseback riding, playdates, dinner, showers etc.

I will share with Lovelies my love for flowers, everything bubbly, desserts, interior, smart ideas and life in general.







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