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The Art of Sushi

It’s hard to go back one you’ve had perfection. This is so true for sushi and a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you were privileged enough to experience that, but cursed because the bar is so high.

SONY DSCTeri Sushi is not perfection. It’s good enough, but no Asanebo, just right across the street, no less. I wanted to be on the other side of Ventura Boulevard.

SONY DSCIt was fine, more than fine, but covering up pureness with…stuff. Yes, I am officially a sushi nerd.

A man who has reached perfection like no one else in sushi making is Jiro. I LOVE this documentary about Jiro and his sons in Japan. Perfection.





Mums, Har du varit på Waa eller Wa på Santa Monica och La Cienege i den lilla strip mallen. Pytte ställe men HUR bra som helst. Ett litet huden gem.

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