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Ice On Fire

Ever since I moved to LA, my dream has been to become a documentary film maker and connect with people on important issues close to my heart – animals, nature, you know – the stuff I really care about. Well I’m not there yet, and I know it’s been over twenty years and that’s pretty outrageous in itself that I actually have not accomplished this. But there’s still time, and in the meantime I truly enjoy watching documentary masterpieces such as Ice On Fire, produced by the ever so impressive Leonardo DiCaprio. He really chose to do the right thing, didn’t he, and for that I really admire him. Please watch this very important film on climate change, which also suggests what to do about it, and that makes it so much more bearable to watch and you don’t get that feeling of oh little me can’t do anything about it. On HBO.

Gå till din tv eller dator eller vad du nu använder för hårdvara att titta på viktiga och intressanta dokumentärer. Ice On Fire, producerad av den till synes outtröttlige Leo DiCaprio för HBO. Den handlar om det stötta och blötta och viktigaste ämnet just nu, det vill säga om vi inte vill torka-brännas-drunkna-svälta till döds. Vad jag extragillar med just Ice on Fire är att den pratar om vad man kan göra, konkreta förslag som verkligen fungerar. See den genast! 

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