Nisse Molinder- Kockarnas kamp

Kockarnas kamp… Wedholms Fisk!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner at Wedholms fisk. I know you who knows me must be laughing since this is Sweden’s best fish restaurant and I HATE fish with passion. Well we were a group of friends that went. They sure were in fish heaven!

Wedholms fisk

One of the owners, the very talented and successful Nisse Molinder happens to be a guy that I have knows since I was 6 years old.

Wedholms fiskMy dad and his dad had a band together. My dad played the accordion and his dad is a drummer. We spent lots of time in the northern part of Sweden, Härjedalen where they had a yearly gig. We would ski daytime and then it would be dinner and live music at night. We even sang a duet together haha… We also happened to go to the same elementary school. He is a couple years older than me. Mattias in the picture below on the right also went to the same class as Nisse. We later in life met through work, he was my wonderful sweet boss for many years.

wpid-2015-09-12-20.11.47.jpg.jpegNisse dated one of my besties and I dated his besties in 7th grade. We have not seen each other for hundreds years so it was so nice to catch up. Since I dont touch anything below the water level he was so sweet to make me a Veal file mignon that was soooo amazing. Melted in my mouth with the delish sauce, potatoes and veggies.


The others he ordered fish for with their famous champagne sauce that seemed delish if you are a fish lover. It was a yummy and lovely evening with good company. You should treat yourself if you are a fish and seafood lover, best in town! Thanks Nisse for the delish dinner, and if you are in Sweden dont forget to watch him in “Kockarnas kamp”starting next Monday night! Best thing on TV next Monday… a TV star has been born!

Kockarnas kamp

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I LOVE Wedholms!!!

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