Shanghai… restaurant tips!

Sorry for not being in touch… but I am in Shanghai on a girls trip with limited access to internet. Being in China we cant of course access google, Facebook or Instagram unless I use my cellphone off a Chinese Wifi. It is hard getting on the internet without google but I found their browser so here I am!!!! I am here with some of my bestfriends I have known since I was 3 years old and the others since I was 16. Long time old friends…

Best friends Angela, Sofia. Elsa and Klea

I have never been to China and I have to say I am very impressed by Shanghai. The Chinese people are so obedient it makes us laugh… well I guess one good thing about the communism. We were laughing in the subway how they were told to stand in line outside the train and we just went a head rude infront of them not following the rule.

Shanghai Subway

Yesterday we spent at a pet expo since my friend Klea runs the amazing barcelonadogs. We had some meetings with people over there and looking for new cool stuff.

Barcelona dogsThe subway system is super easy. We were told we could take the super fast train from the airport then switch at the end station and take a taxi. It sounded so complicated. Today in the subway we realized how super easy it was. Much better than taking a taxi that took forever and was like 200  yuan (30 dollars). The Maglev train goes 350 Km an hour and is only 8 min to Longyang station which is on the green line. It is only 50 yuan which is about 7 dollars. Longyang is only a few stops from our hotel, East Nanjing Road Station. A subway ticket was about max 5 yuan which is like 80 cent. So going to the airport this is what we will do instead. Saving time and very cool testing this super fast train. Where we live we are on line 2 the green one that goes along the famous shopping street Nanjing Road. 

Subway ShanghaiIf you visit Shanghai that is where you wanna live. It is close to everything. Our view from the hotel, Grand Central hotel. It is not expensive either to stay here. We found a super amazing deal at this really great hotel.

View from Grand Central hotel

I love the skyline of this city, super magical. The area is called On the Bund.

Skyline The Bund-Shanghai

We walked over to Bund 18 which is a house that has some cool hip places like Mr & Mrs Bund. And the yummy trendy restaurant Hakkasan that you can find in London and Las Vegas.


We had some super yummy food there. Then there is a bar/nightclub there a floor up called Bar Rouge with a killer view.

Bar RougeWe were there before dinner and was to tired to go there late at night. Maybe tonight… Shanghai has so much to offer and so easy to get around. I can highly recommend a visit here. Before we leave we will also check out Mr & Mrs Bund which we heard lots of good things about.

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